Haugsetvegen 72, N-6230 SYKKYLVEN, Norway

+47 70 25 40 80


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Nyborg AS 1
Axial Flow FansMPV/A1/D12
Centrifugal Fans 3
 -Low Pressure Centrifugal FansLSV4
 -Medium Presseure Centrifugal FansMSV5
 -High Pressurer Centrifugal FansHSV6
Fans For Duct Top MountingPTV / SKV7
Ex. Proof Fans for Hazadous AreaPPV/PUV/SUV/HSV8
Portable Gas Freeing Fans 9
Duct Fans 9
Auxiliary BlowersDTM/DM/WPM10
Offshore Blower skid & Air-Handling Unit 11
Ventilation CowlsKH/KHS/KHE/Swan_Neck12
Dampers LSS/SSVent/SS.Vent.13
Weather LouversSR/SRL/SSVENT14
Mist Eliminator LouversDRS/DRSL/SSVent.m/DRS15
Procedure for Installation and Maintenance 16
Classification a.o 17
Electric Motors 18
After Sales Service 19
List of References 20