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Mechanical ventilation:

Mechanical ventilation of all technical rooms. Engine and emergency generator rooms. Bow thruster room.

Accomodation, galley and all other technical Spaces.

Louvers, dampers, mist eliminators and filters.

Heavy duty execution:

Thick wall and corrosion resistant material



Engine room ventilation containing:

Axial fans combined with circular high efficiency silencer, and shut-off damper or fire damper.


Shut-off damper, axial fan and silencer with core.

Weather louver for exhaust including shut-off damper
Mist eliminator with heating for anti-icing.
Filter solutions when required.



Swing-out axial fan for easy maintenance.
Optional with guide vanes for high efficiency.

                                           Deck mounted fan, typically exhaust fan for galley.


"Let air in,

keep water, moisture, salt, soot and dust out.

Keep noise low

Ensure safe environment"