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Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are classified into three main groups: low, medium and high pressure.
Their application are many and diverse.

The design are based on main group; low, medium of high pressure. Location of fan base and design of impeller.
The fan impeller is designed and shaped in accordance with its application, conditioned by the required air volume and pressure drop.
The impellers are also classified into four main groups.

Also tailor made solutions to meet customers specification, like spark proof design.

The centrifugal fans are supplied in many executions of different types of material.
Normally manufactured in steel, primed and painted. Other materials are sea water resistant aluminium or stainless steel.
The impeller is made of salt- and ammonia resistant aluminium, aerodynamically shaped and balanced.
It is performed in four types.
Type B: Backward, convex curved blades
Type F: Forward curved blades
Type Z: Backward, concave curved blades, Scirocco wheel
Type R: Radial blades, for transportation fan.
The air capacities up to 100 000 m3/h and static pressure up to 30.000Pa

The fans are usually supplied with standard squirrel caged inductive electric motor.
They may also be supplied with other types of electric motors, like explosion proof or 2-speed motors.

- Vibration dampers
- Flexible connections (inlet/outlet)
- Counter flange (inlet/outlet)
- Protection grid (inlet/outlet)
- Flanged inlet
- Drain plug
- Inspection cover
- Foundation (only belt driven execution)
- Motor rails (only belt driven execution)