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EX Proof fans for hazardous area

Typical applications of this fan is mechanical ventilation, extraction, in cargo area of hazardous zones and rooms onboard ships. Duct top, above deck mounting. From the Det Norske Veritas sys-tem requirements, mechanical ventilation in cargo area: A 100 General. 109 Electrical fan motors are not to be installed in ventilation ducts when the ship is to carry flammable products. 111 Ventilation outlets from gas-dangerous spaces are to dis-charge upwards in location at least 10 m in the horizontal direction from ventilation intakes and openings for gas-safe spaces.

The PUV-D1RX is designed primarily for ventilation, extraction, of pump rooms and other places
where explosive fumes occur. The fan is spark proof with a totally enclosed, natural cooled and flameproof electric motor. Long experience has contributed to a simple construction with only
one rotating part in addition to the motor itself.
The propeller is mounted directly to the motor shaft, thus making it one unit with the motor flange, which can be lifted out for inspection.

Fan casing, motor flange and guiding plate are made of salt- and ammonia resistant aluminium.
The propeller is made of salt- and ammoniaresis-tant aluminium. Aerodynamically shaped and balanced. The wings can be inserted at various pitch angles to suit specified capacities and
pres-sures. The wire mesh guard is made of stainless steel. Greasing-point for the gas tight assembly is provided on top of the motor flange. The PUV-D1RX can be delivered in the range
from size no 260 to size no 1100.

The motor is totally enclosed, natural cooled and flameproof, designed for above deck mounting.
Test certificates are delivered with each motor.

The fan satisfy the demands of the various classification societies.

- counter flange