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Portable gas freeing fans

The portable gas freeing fan is used for mechanical ventilation of hazardous zones and cargo tanks onboard ships.
The fan is to be mounted on tank opening on deck and fits standard opening ø318mm.
The MPV - A1EGSX is designed for use in hazardous (EX) zone 0 where use of electrical equipment is highly restricted.
The fan is spark proof with a water driven or compressed air driven motor and made with hand grips for easy transportation by hand/maximum portability.
The fan casing consists of sea water resistant aluminum in a heavy-duty design.
The propeller is made of reinforced antistatic polyprop or in salt- and ammonia resistant aluminum.
Aerodynamically shaped and balanced.
The wire mesh guard is made of stainless steel.
The MPV - A1EGSX are available in sizes from ø350mm to ø450mm, offering a capacity from 3000 to 13000 m3/h of free air. The flange PCD can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.
 The fan can be delivered in other materials, as stainless steel on request.
Primarily with sea water driven water turbine, but can also be delivered with compressed air driven turbine.