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Heating Louver

The DRS-He-F is a rectangular single stage mist eliminator louver for separation of water droplets and moisture from the air strea, with anti icing function. Delivered in customer specified sizes. 


The louver is normaly used as intake louver, e.g. for engine room, where anti icing is needed/required. 


  • DRS-He-F with flange for mounting onto bulkhead
  • DRS-He-G without flange for insertion into steel duct, frame or similar.

Design and drain

The louver has vertical profiles with two pipes where the water is led down and drained out. As standard drain is in to the front, optional to inside/backside, or below. Louver is normally penetrating the bulkhead. 


The complete louver is made of sea water resistant aluminium. 


  • Single phase 230V
  • To be delivered with terminal box loose, or with loose leads 1,5m 
  • Terminal box: STAHL: material GRP with cable glands Hawk M20*1,5 Ex.
  • The cable is self regulating and the power will increase as the temperature decreases. 
  • Power from 1,5 to 2,5kW/m2
  • The power is calculated from different factors as face velocity, min temperature, etc. 


  • Spark-proof execution for hazarous area, zone 1 or 2
  • With wire mesh behind/on inside of the louver. 
  • With sand filter in front for easy/removal/cleaning (filter class G2 or G3)
  • With filter behind louver (for dust/soot) (G3 or G4) 
  • Flange according to ISO 15138. 
  • For mounting entirely on outside of bulkhead. 
  • Equip with lifting lugs
  • Heating cables connected to loose terminal box.
  • Terminal box in stainless steel.