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Mechanical Ventilation of:
- Cargo spaces

System delivery as:
- Control system & starter cabinets
- Pressure drop and noise calculations
- Technical Support
- Commission & start up

Other ventilation as:
- Engine and emergency generator room
- Thruster room

Nyborg air quality management system

*Safeguarding your ship, crew and goods




Nyborg Gas Detection And Ventilation On Demand system is designed and developed to detect hydrocarbon gases coming from evaporated fuel from the cars fuel tanks or from fuel leakages. Additionally it is designed to detect carbon monoxide gas and detect NOx ( Nitrogen oxide) gases coming from exhaust emissions.



Benefits you with:Multi IR sensor :
  • Reduced fuel / energy saving
  • Reduced emission HC/CO/NOX
  • Health, enviroment and safety
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Minimized chances for fire & explosion
  • Not sensitive for cross contamination
  • High sensitivity / Extreme low detection level
  • No need for calibration
  • Fail to safe and maintenance free
  • Sensor performance unaffected by humidity and environmental factors


Bifurcated deck top mounted exhaust fan
Frequency controlled engine room fans
A30 fire damper with silencer
GRP Deckhouse
Built in silencers, axial fan and shut off damper. Swing out crane for easy maintanance