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Typical application of this fan is mechanical ventilation and cargo rooms, engine room a.o. where you have transportation of air volumes at relative small pressure drops.
Mounted in duct or duct-top mounted.

For low volumes and moderate pressure drops up to high volumes and low pressure drops. Preferably where system resistance are on the inlet end, i.e. in normal exhaust, of the ventilation system. Care should be taken when installed in systems where the resistance is at the exhaust end, particularly if this occurs shortly after the fan. The resulting whirl can increase the resistance to a multiple of the computed values.

For low volumes and moderate pressure drops up to high volumes and average pressure drops. Preferably where system resistance are at the exhaust end. HVAC, air circulation and exhaust system.

Long experience has contributed to a simple construction, with the propeller mounted directly
to the motor shaft, combining the best of simplicity and reliability with the lowest possible price. Also tailor made solutions to meet customers specification, like spark proof design.

The MPV - are supplied in many executions of different types of material. Normally manufactured
in Grade A ship steel, primed and painted, or hot dip galvanized. Other materials are sea water resistant aluminium or stainless steel.

The impeller is made of salt- and ammonia resistant aluminium, aerodynamically shaped and balanced, or made of plastic (Polyamid).
It is performed in two types. Type A: Cast in one unit. Type D: The blades can be inserted at various pitch angles to suit specified capacities and pressures. The blades are also adjustable at rest. With type D impeller, the fan will also be equipped with guide vanes. The MPV - can be delivered in the range from size no 260 to size no 1600.

The fans are usually supplied with standard squirrel caged inductive electric motors. They may also be supplied with other types of electric motors, like explosion proof or 2-speed motors.


  • Counter flange
  • Protection grid (included for MPV - A1B and -A1E)
  • Flexible connections
  • Spark proof execution
  • Thick casing
  • Short fan tube (only MPV - A1K)
  • Feet for horrisontal/vertical mounting.


  • Thick casing
  • Short casing
  • Spark proof execution/design
  • Special bolt division circle